About Us

ShowroomMowers Plus sells lawn mowers and other equipment for home owners and lawn care professionals. Over the years we have felt great loyalty to the Walker brand for their, compact zero-turn mowers that offer great cutting, internal grass-catching, and a variety of decks and attachments. Walkers are designed for lawn care business and homeowners with acreage.

ShowroomAlthough still loyal to Walker Mowers, Mowers Plus has added a line of commercial and residential grade Hustlers with hydrostatic drives, in order to complement the Walker line and provide more options to meet the needs of our customers. For a number of years, Mowers Plus has sold Maruyama line trimmers and blowers, which we feel offer a superior quality, light weight, durability, and versatility. There are dedicated units as well as attachments for almost any need. However, battery-powered Core trimmers have become especially popular with homeowners as they are clean, require little maintenance, and pack all the power and runtime needed. We also carry Dolmar power equipment, a German company that makes chain saws, hedge trimmers, and line trimmers.

Please make a visit or give us a call, if you have interest in our products or services. Our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Our History

20160109_122327Mowers Plus became a partnership and moved into a new building at the beginning of 2006. However, the business has been serving customers for 16 years with Walker Mowers equipment and mower service.

Galen Yoder built his first repair shop in 1979, where he serviced vehicles and farm equipment. In 1990, he became a dealer for Walker Mowers and began selling and servicing lawn mowers. Over time, as the mower business grew, he phased out of general mechanic work, though continuing to sell common parts needed by local farmers to this day.

In 2001, Lamont Ropp began working with the business and became business partner in January 2006. The business was called Galen Yoder Repair until becoming a partnership, when the name was changed to Mowers Plus. That year, Mowers Plus moved into a new and larger facility on the north side of 320th St. (F67).