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These are our most popular models, which we keep on hand at Mowers Plus. Please visit or call us to learn about everything we have in stock. We can also custom order from the manufacturers we are dealers for.

Maruyama M27 Power Head

Lawn care professionals need more than just riding mowers to finish the job. For this reason, Mowers Plus offers an ample selection of Maruyama equipment.

Maruyama offers great versatility with the
multi-cutter lines allowing operators
to convert a unit from a string trimmer to an edger or pruner or blower in seconds. Pictured are attachments we currently have in stock.

Mowers Plus sells a variety of Maruyama models and supplies. For more information, Click here.


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Oregon BL300

20151211_134631We sell Oregon cordless products including blowers, chainsaws, polesaws, edgers, and  hedge trimmers,

The BL300 blower is lightweight and the lithium ion battery provides 40V power for up to 90 minutes.

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Core CGT400 Weed Trimmer

CoreThese electric trimmers have quickly become popular, and are the most practical for many recommendations. They are commercial-grade and run extremely quietly. The only moving part is the trimmer head where the motor is located. One battery charge lasts 45 minutes on the high setting, and 70 minutes on the low setting, and the battery is rated to about 1000 charges. Batteries are also replaceable. When one does the math, this trimmer easily has less operating costs compared to purchasing gasoline and oil mixes for conventional trimmers.

The standard package comes with a 3 hour charger and one power cell.

The commercial package with a 1 hour charger and two power cells.

For more information, click here.

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